Blog of photographer Brett Colvin.


Wherever you go, there you are.  

I started getting interested in photography about a decade ago, and as the years have passed my passion for the medium has increased tremendously. Initially, sharing my enjoyment of fly fishing and the outdoors with family and friends got me into blogging and was born.

Later, I needed a landing page to showcase other types of work such as product and portrait photography. My skills as a developer being roughly on par with members of the tree sloth family, I put together a template-based site which predominantly used Adobe Flash but which was easily maintained.

The rise of mobile and tablet computing eventually made Flash about as desirable as crusted Norwegian scabies, but I also found that my readers and customers were beginning to become increasingly segmented.

This site will be an experiment. In theory, I'd like to consolidate various digital assets into one place and decrease the number of platforms I need to maintain. Still, there may be value in making a distinction between audiences and providing content which is less scattered.

Let me know what you think, and thanks for dropping in.

I'd also like to express appreciation for long-time friend and fellow 'tog Jason Morrison, who provided several images of me for use on this site.